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Zethcon – Synapse – WMS

Zethcon – Synapse, is our new warehouse management system (WMS). Our facility is powered by the Synapse Warehouse Management System for Precision Warehousing, enabling us to react quickly to new or special requirements and to manage customers’ inventories accurately and efficiently. This is a positive change for our customers!

Key features include:

  • Excellent Order accuracy
  • Improved delivery and load building
  • Real Time, On-line Inventory visibility
  • Labor Management System – Metrics Reporting
  • New scheduled task management system
  • Highly Efficient Case Picking Functionality

EDI Transactions (Electronic Data Interchange)

Taylor Warehouse has been exchanging EDI transactions since 1991 and is committed to continued growth of our electronic commerce capabilities.

Currently we are capable of exchanging the following EDI transactions:

Freight EDI Transactions

  • 204 Freight Shipment Load Tender
  • 210 Freight Invoice
  • 211 Electronic Bill of Lading
  • 212 Electronic Manifest To Consignee
  • 214 Freight Shipment Status (To Shipper)
  • 214 Freight Shipment State (To Consignee)
  • 216 Freight Shipment Pickup Notification
  • 990 Freight Shipment Load Accept/Decline
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgment

Warehouse EDI Transaction

  • 846 Warehouse Inventory Inquiry
  • 856 Warehouse Shipment Manifest (With Bar Coded Labels)
  • 888 Master Data Configuration
  • 894 Delivery/Return (To Invoice Consignee on Behalf of Storer)
  • 895 Delivery/Return (Acknowledgement and Adjustment)
  • 940 Warehouse Shipment Order
  • 943 Warehouse Stock Transfer
  • 944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Status
  • 945 Warehouse Shipment Status
  • 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment

For more information about what Taylor Warehouse can do for you, contact one of our customer service agents today, 1-888-486-0015.