What are Intermodal Drayage Services?

Intermodal Drayage Services is the transportation of cargo by a combination of two or more modes of transportation – truck, railroad, and ocean.

Taylor Distributing has become a leader in the Cincinnati drayage industry and ships cargo over short and long distances.

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A business built on a rich history

We’ve been family owned and operated since 1850. To get where we are today, we’ve had to alter our business through the latest technology and processes. 

How Taylor Adapts

Intermodal Shippers have encountered origin and destination issues with drayage companies since the onset of the Intermodal Services industry. The shipper may be able to see part of the origin drayage as the container reaches its destination ramp, but may lose visibility as the remainder of the container is delivered to the consignee. The railroad supplies information on the Taylor distributing transportation truck location of the container while in their possession, but timely information becomes difficult, if not impossible, to obtain once the container is turned over to drayage companies. During this “dark period,” the truck’s location and time of arrival at the consignee is unknown. These questions could equally be raised at the point of origin, mainly if the length of dray is a far distance from the railroad terminal. Origin and destination drayage services are very involved. Paperwork must be completed, the equipment must be inspected, and dispatch must be handled efficiently and promptly.

The future of drayage 

The drayage portion of the intermodal services industry has come a long way since its early origins. The latest technology and processes that companies like Taylor Distributing are implementing will provide visibility and seamless movement that supply chain management requires. In the early years, intermodal services were considered a risky move for shippers and IMC’s. Today, much of that risk is gone and rail intermodal is an important part of most supply chains’ transportation mix. Intermodal services have proven its value, experienced growth, and earned the respect of the Class I railroads as well as world-class shippers. It stands on the threshold of a new ear of growth as challenges mount for long-haul truckload. While a lot of long-haul conversions have taken place, regional opportunities in the east are proving drayage services are not just a mode for transcontinental freight moves. New opportunities exist in refrigerated and flatbed transportation. Whether rail intermodal is an origin or destination leg of an international move, or strictly a domestic move, it is hard to imagine the U.S. transportation network without it. As regional drays and short-haul rail options increase the use of intermodal services in lanes below 500 miles, the mode is clearly on the threshold of a new era. Based on proven results, intermodal is the mode of the future and Taylor Distributing is proud to be a part of the Cincinnati drayage industry.

We couldn’t do it without our team

Taylor Distributing truckTaylor Distributing is taking strides to minimize driver dwell time so the driver can keep moving and stay productive, a factor in their earnings as well as equipment utilization. Anti-Rollover or automatic stability control is now a standard feature. Auto-inflation systems are installed on international chassis, and tri-axels are also available. As part of their strategic plan, Taylor Distributing has implemented serval industry-leading technologies for our team and customers.