Third Party Logistics in Cincinnati

Our Company Culture

Our identity is more than image; it comes from our culture, which unifies, guides, and inspires loyalty. Identity provides a sense of purpose. It is a combination of our values, ethics, mission, and purpose. It captures our beliefs and runs through the fabric of our being.

Taylor’s culture is collaborative. Business is a true team sport and teamwork is the cornerstone of its success. The key to our great team is that we are complementary. We build our strengths and organize to make our weaknesses irrelevant. Taylor collaboration is about creating value through a shared vision and a commitment to serving customers. Team building is powerful but does not happen on its own. We maintain our teamwork through sustained effort, a positive environment, and an esprit de corps.

Our identity should always be the clearest quality to our customers and carriers. If they cannot perceive the difference between us and our competitors, we do not understand our culture well enough to communicate the difference. Many third party logistics in Cincinnati offer good customer service. Very few offer excellent customer service. Our difference is excellent customer service. We share a connection with and a responsibility to our customers, carriers, and employees. We have a clear sense of what makes us stand above the rest.

Clarity is a strength of our organization. We aim for excellence and continuous improvement through preventative actions and root cause analysis. Our core values—safety, ethics, teamwork, and relationships—provide us with a strong foundation upon which we offer our value proposition: a promise to deliver excellent customer satisfaction with every interaction. This is our brand.

Safety & Compliance

Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, our customers, our customer’s customers, and the motoring public. We also value compliance, be it regulatory or our customers’ specifications.


Ethics means taking the long view. Eschewing “bad profits” and striving for “good profits.” We have been in business since 1850 and must conduct our business as such.


We exist to create relationships both internal and external and to add value. We must reject transactional thinking.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork is the cornerstone of success. The key to a great team can be expressed in one word: complementary. This means building on our strengths and organizing to make our weaknesses irrelevant. Teamwork is powerful and does not happen by itself. It takes sustained effort. Steve Jobs said building Team Apple was the hard part; the products came easily. Our culture is collaborative. True collaboration is about creating value and requires a shared companywide vision and commitment to serving customers.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is innovation and requires collaboration. Continuous Improvement is incremental innovation. Root cause analysis is a model for a continuous improvement program.


Innovation does not have to be out of the box, ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting, or game changing. In reality, innovation simply changes existing processes and improves them; it is a series of small steps—“minivations”—not breakthroughs. Revolutionary processes do not yield revolutionary results. You get revolutionary results by an evolutionary process. Innovation is creative problem solving. It is doing old things in new ways. Companies that do not innovate will be relegated to transactional relationships and increasingly lower margins based on price competition. Taylor Distributing has been innovating third party logistics in Cincinnati for decades, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


As temporary custodians of our planet we have an obligation to make sure that future generations will enjoy the same benefits our earth provides. We are a SmartWay carrier on our asset side and a SmartWay partner on our non-asset side. To us, sustainability means intermodalism. We are evangelists for intermodal transportation. Our warehouse strives to be chemical free.

Creating Value

We strive to create value in everything we do