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Questions or concerns? We would love to hear from you! Our Cincinnati Drayage team is composed of experts on the 3pl, warehousing, and trucking industries. Browse our staff directory below and get in contact today!

Rex Taylor, CLP, CTB
Direct Phone: 513-773-2117

Drew Taylor
Vice President
Direct Phone: 513-773-2101

Grant Taylor
Vice President of Operations
Direct Phone: 513-771-1850 ext 735

Keith Swensen, CTB, CTP
Fleet Manager
Direct Phone: 513-773-2120 Direct Fax: 513-773-2131 Cell: 513-314-6800

Rhonda Mettey, CTB
Manager – Accounting
Direct Phone: 513-773-2111

Lynda Marts, CTB
Business Development
Direct Phone: 513-773-2107

Rick Johnson
SQF Coordinator/Sanitation Manager
Phone: 513-773-2123

AJ Raaker
Director of Warehouse Operations
Direct Phone: 513-587-4725

Todd Brinkman
Intermodal Accounts Manager
Direct Phone: 513-773-2127

Chaz Bierman 
GM of Distribution
Email: Direct Phone: 513-773-2127

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