Food Grade Public Warehousing

Why Choose Taylor Distributing?

Taylor Distributing is the oldest Third-Party Logistics Provider in America. As the nation’s oldest 3PL we take pride in continuing to provide excellent customer service through our Warehouse Services.

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Food Grade Public Warehousing

Taylor Warehouse Corporation is a multi-temp/multi-client public Third Party Logistics company founded in 1971 specializing in food & beverage and pharma.

Food Safety and Quality Focused

We have established a food safety and quality team and provided them with training and the necessary support and resources to enable them to drive continuous improvement. The continued involvement and support of our people is the cornerstone of our success.

SQF Level 3

As an SQF Level 3 facility, we look to continuously improve our HACCP based food safety and quality culture. SQF does not happen by itself. It requires teamwork and collaboration.

Benefits of Food Grade Public Warehousing

  • Increased Efficiency – Use our expertise to perform more economically, safely, and efficiently.
  • Reduced Capital Investment – Reduce your investment in facilities and equipment for greater flexibility.
  • Administrative Personnel Devoted to Logistics – Utilize our logistics personnel to provide high quality transportation and warehousing services
  • Low Cost Services – Share overhead & systems with other clients and benefit from our local knowledge & the economies of scale.
  • Low Risk and Burden – Public Warehouses assume many of the risks associated with operating the facility such as wages, insurance, real estate, and compliance.
  • Pest Control and the Elimination of Pathogens – Eighty percent of Food Safety is good housekeeping and Taylor Distributing’s Warehouse takes important measures to ensure the safety and quality of your food. As proof, we are SQF L2 Certified and SQF L3 Certified.

Value Added Services

We have adjusted our business to offer many services, aside from warehousing, which add value to your products and help meet and exceed your sales and logistics goals. Some of these value added services include:

    • Document Imaging-On Line
    • Refrigerated Space
    • Air Conditioned Space
    • Returns Processing
    • Bundling
    • Cross Dock
    • Crating
    • Digital Surveillance
    • Dump & Destroy
    • Bagging
    • On Line Shipment & Appointment Status
    • Superior Rating from the AIB 2014
    • Freight Brokerage
    • Light Assembly/Kitting
  • Food Grade Transportation
  • Extensive EDI
  • Repacking/Labeling
  • Display Building
  • WMS-Zethcon
  • RF
  • Transload Operations
  • UPS-FedEX
  • Postponement/MIT
  • Stretch Wrapping
  • SQF Level 3
  • On line Inventory Status & Reports
  • Mobile Workforce Management

Our Mission and Vision

Taylor Warehouse Mission

  • To provide the highest level of Food Grade Public Warehousing through excellent customer service.

Taylor Warehouse Promise

  • To offer customer service with distinction

Taylor Warehouse Purpose

  • To deliver safe, quality foods and excellent service

Warehouse Vision Statement

  • To improve our offering everyday to help create a better tomorrow


The cornerstone of our commitment to excellence