Safety, Customer Service, and Employee Satisfaction

Welcome to the Taylor Distributing Company and Taylor Warehouse Corporation

We have a successful history and we attribute this success to our employees and our adherence to good fundamental business practices. From its inception in 1850 as the Taylor Drayage Company with a single horse and wagon to our present fifth generation, our company has experienced growth and success. Our future is bright and we are confident that we can maintain our growth and build our profitability in the years ahead. Our confidence is due in part to our dedication to three important values: safety, excellent customer service, and employee satisfaction.

Safety is our highest priority and is ingrained in our culture. We make no compromise when it comes to the safety and well-being of our employees and the motoring public. We are committed to providing each of our employees with a safe and healthful work environment. It is our duty as a company to ensure that we operate with safe equipment and strictly observe the rules and regulations of our safety program. Safety also includes sanitation and food safety. Taylor Warehouse is committed to using Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP’s) to prevent the corruption of food by people or storage practices to deliver safe quality food.

Taylor Distributing and Warehouse is built on providing excellent customer service. We strive to provide courteous, reliable, and on-time service every time with every transaction. When we make a commitment to our customer, we must deliver consistently. When we accept business we obligate ourselves to deliver our customers’ freight on time, undamaged, and without exception. This is what our customers pay for and today’s customer demands nothing less. To fail in our commitment would jeopardize our existence. Customers have many choices for trucking and warehousing companies and simply will not put up with poor service. Customers who receive consistent quality service will stay with us. Our customers are looking to form partnerships and they want us to grow with them. Strong customer service, providing creative solutions to our customers’ problems, and superior technology makes the crucial difference in distinguishing ourselves from our competition.

Our employees are the heart of our organization and we take pride in our staff of dedicated and self-motivated people who we hope will grow with us. The right employees are our most important asset. Teamwork and collaboration is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. Taylor strives to provide our drivers with the most modern, efficient intermodal, and over the road trucking equipment and our terminal and warehouse personnel with the newest and best technology available. One of our greatest opportunities to secure a competitive advantage is through our diverse, highly motivated, and well-trained workforce.

Our opportunities as a company are great. The reputation we enjoy today will remain and our brand will be made stronger if we continue to dedicate ourselves to these three fundamental values.





Rex C. Taylor

Environmental Sustainability

We believe in sustainable practices that benefit the environment